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Measuring the Informal Economy in Morocco Measuring the Informal Economy in Morocco: Using the Electricity Consumption Method
Othmane Bourhaba & Mama Hamimida, World Economics, March 2023
This paper, relying on the electricity consumption method, attempts to both measure the size of the informal economy in Morocco and construct a larger time series dataset for the Moroccan informal economy. We use the Kaufmann and Kaliberda (1996) model to calculate the ... More

Measuring Britain’s Green Economy Measuring Britain’s Green Economy
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, March 2023
Official data show that the performance of Britain’s green economy, up to 2019 at least, has been decidedly anaemic. UKEF’s 2030 export target is unimpressive, but even so Britain’s green economy and international trade remain small. Measuring this sector is vital but s ... More

Climate Change and the Global Economy Climate Change and the Global Economy
Julian Gough, World Economics, March 2023
Over the period 1998-2022 global temperatures remained generally unchanged despite a 14% rise in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus contradicting the IPCC's scientific theory of climate change. The IPPC's flawed theory, accepted by most governme ... More

The Devils The Devils: From Real Life to Movie Fiction, and Economic Theory and Practice
Biagio Bossone, World Economics, March 2023
In a world of highly financially integrated economies, economic theory should differentiate between the role of local agents and that of global financial investors and place the latter at the centre of macroeconomic modelling. The portfolio choices of global financial ... More

Taxation Effects on Economic Growth Taxation Effects on Economic Growth: An analysis of tax structure and economic growth for the EU-21
Kremastioti Vasiliki & Athanasios Anastasiou, World Economics, March 2023
We examine the impact of total taxation and individual taxes on growth in 21 European Union countries from 2000 to 2017 using OECD data. The method used is ordinary least squares. Secondly, owing to the endogeneity which is observed in our estimation, we used a two-step ... More

Greece’s Economy’s Outstanding Recovery Greece’s Economy’s Outstanding Recovery: Is this time different?
Theodore Pelagidis & Eleftheria Kostika, World Economics, March 2023
Growth in Greece’s GDP ran faster than the Eurozone average in 2022. Foreign direct investment reached record highs and tourism rebounded at 2019 levels. The country proved resilient to the energy crisis despite the worsening macroeconomic outlook in the euro area. Rega ... More

Impact of Unemployment and Inflation on Corruption Impact of Unemployment and Inflation on Corruption
Ravi Kumar Gupta , Udit Maheshwari & Ashutosh Priya, World Economics, March 2023
Two problems that developing countries often face are high inflation and high unemployment. These provide a strong positive push to the level of corruption present in the country. The higher corruption level has a huge impact on the economic growth of the country. This ... More

Improving Economic Society Improving Economic Society
Mitsuhiko Iyoda, World Economics, March 2023
This article identifies ways to improve economic welfare by dealing with observed market failures in the capitalist system. Rather than taking the more familiar theoretical approach, we make the case for broad targeting policies, which would bring welfare improvement in ... More

The Relevancy of GDP The Relevancy of GDP: Should there be more focus on measuring people’s happiness than GDP?
Shashank Vikram Pratap Singh, World Economics, March 2023
In recent years, the place of GDP and how to measure happiness are two pressing and contentious issues in development studies. Despite many flaws in the index of economic growth (GDP), it is used as a reliable indicator for measuring happiness without considering the c ... More

Can African Countries Skip Manufacturing to Achieve Economic Development? Can African Countries Skip Manufacturing to Achieve Economic Development?
Hippolyte Fofack, World Economics, March 2023
The ‘informal economy’ has played a large and growing role in the distribution of imported manufactured goods across Africa sustaining the growth of the services sector but at tremendous costs in economic development, poverty, and macroeconomic instability. A long decli ... More

Is India a Low Risk of Stagflation? Is India a Low Risk of Stagflation?
Sheetal Khandre, World Economics, March 2023
In 2021/22 the world inflation rate increased by 2.7%, potentially due to the Russia–Ukraine war and the pandemic. According to the International Energy Agency, Russia’s oil exports might reduce by 2.5 million barrels per day under the existing sanctions, representing ... More