Submission Guidelines to World Economics Journal


Contributors to the World Economics Journal should note that the objective of the Journal is to “encourage discussion and exchange of ideas relating to the specification, collection, use and improvement of economic data”. Papers are welcome on all aspects of economic data, ranging from criticism of current data on population, GDP, productivity, prices, debt, inequality, poverty etc, through to papers on data covering individual countries and regions. Papers should be written in an easily comprehensible style, jargon free and with limited mathematics, allowing a wide readership to benefit from the content. Papers are normally expected to be between 1000-8000 words. Shorter papers are welcome but will not be peer reviewed.


Given the practical nature of the subject matter of the Journal, one of our distinguishing characteristics has been an attempt to get authors to write in an easily comprehensible style, jargon free and with limited mathematics, allowing a wide readership to benefit from the papers.

Editorial Process

The Managing Editor will initially assess the suitability of articles submitted. Authors of submissions considered to be suitable for the World Economics Journal by the editor will be notified and their paper sent to referees. The refereeing process is “double-blind”, in that the identity of the author remains anonymous to the referee and vice versa. Upon completion of the editorial processes the author(s) will be notified if their submission has been accepted for publication by the Managing Editor. World Economics endeavours to respond to authors as quickly as possible.

For more details, please review our Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

Preparation of the Manuscript and Submission Process

Please send your article by email to: along with any supporting material. Authors submission package should include a text file (i.e., Microsoft Word), list of authors, affiliations, key points, and a list of keywords. See Submission checklist below.


Articles should be submitted to the Managing Editor in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format. Charts/Figures embedded within the file should be in an editable format. The Editorial team may request that you provide charts and data tables in Microsoft Excel format for reproduction purposes.

Key Points

All submissions should have 3-5 key points summarising the article in about 100 words. Key points should explain the issue or concept, the author’s appraisal and a brief conclusion. Key points should be presented on the first page of the article before any introductory text.


Authors must provide a list of key words indicating the content of the article. Keywords should cover the main topics and important facts. 4-10 keywords are acceptable.

Authors’ Biographies

Authors’ names should be provided in the style desired for publication, together with a brief biography of about 50-200 words including current main title and affiliation. Authors are also required to provide a passport style photograph in a setting suitable for publication.

Page Charges and Submission Fees:

There are no page charges or submission fees at the World Economics Journal.

Page proofs

Page proofs will be sent to authors (or corresponding author if designated) of an article who will be advised by journal staff on the deadline for return of the corrected proofs. A PDF copy of the journal article will be sent to each named contributor upon publication.


All articles are subject to acceptance by the Editors and publication decisions are made by the editorial board in line with the objectives of the journal. Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that if it is published in the journal, copyright in the article, including the right to reproduce the article in all forms and media, shall be assigned exclusively to the journal. The transfer of copyright does not take effect unless and until the manuscript is accepted for publication and the author(s) notified. Authors will be asked to sign a copyright assignment form which is a condition of publication. Authors retain the right to re-use their material in future collections of their own work and their consent will be sought before granting permission to any third party to re-typeset and reprint their article in any other publication.

Submission Checklist

While submitting a paper, authors should check that they meet the following requirements below:

  Article submission supplied in Microsoft Word Format
  Article is 1,000-8,000 words long
  Title is short and keyword rich to attract the attention of readers while highlighting the topic covered
  Article contains a key points summary for quick review
  Keywords have been supplied with the article
  Authors’ institution affiliation clearly stated
  Names and email addresses for all mentioned authors supplied

If all of the requirements have been satisfied, please email your submission to: