About World Economics

World Economics is dedicated to reducing the risks involved in Business, Financial and Government decisions that use what is arguably the most important information in the world - economic data.

Data on GDP, Prices, Debt, Employment and many other economic variables are used daily to make crucial life changing decisions on government policy, and investment of all kinds, but are often of extremely poor quality.

In the worlds of science and engineering the quality of measuring instruments are usually taken for granted, and continuous efforts made to improve them. In the world of economics, efforts are made to improve ways of measuring output, prices, productivity and other variables, but massive variations exist in the quality of available data.

Standard sounding measures like GDP differ wildly in the reality of what is measured across countries, rendering attempts at comparison near impossible. And even within developed countries, data are used daily that are lacking in accuracy and unsuited to the purposes for which they are intended.

Our products draw attention to the dangers of decision making using poor data, provide a platform for discussion of ways of improving economic data, and provide data in key areas where none or only highly imperfect data exists. Our work is used by investors, traders, economists, corporations, Governments and academics.

Our History

World Economics is part of Information Sciences, a company with a 35 year history of success in the development of key business information used by major corporations, financial institutions and Governments worldwide.

Many successful knowledge products have been originated and developed by the company. They include the ubiquitous Purchasing Managers’ Indexes, a globally accepted part of the DNA of the financial world, (now owned by S&P Global); and WARC, a global marketing effectiveness and insight database, used in over 100 countries (now owned by Ascential).

Our current product portfolio includes the Data Quality Index; the Sales Managers’ Indexes; the World Price Index; the China Report; the India Report, the American Report and the World Economics Journal.