Knut H. Alfsen

Knut H. Alfsen is Director of Research in the research department of Statistics Norway. He has a Dr. Sci. (PhD) in theoretical physics from the University of Oslo, but has worked asan economist most of his career with focus on environmental and natural resource issues. Previous positions include Director for CICERO Center for Climate Research, and Director of Research at the Institute for Energy Technology responsible for environmental technologies.

Papers Published in World Economics:

How Can Norway Become A Climate-Friendly Society?

In March 2005, the Norwegian Government appointed a seven-person expert Commission on Low Emissions and asked it to describe how Norway could cut its greenhouse gas emissions by about two–thirds below its Kyoto obligation, by 2050. The Commission delivered its unanimous recommendation in October 2006 (NOU 2006:18 Et klimavennlig Norge—Norwegian White Paper No. 18, 2006: A climate-friendly Norway) which states that such cut is not only necessary, but also feasible and not unreasonably expensive. In its report, the Commission proposed a package of 15 measures to achieve such steep cuts by 2050, largely within Norwegian territory, and indicated what must be done in the short term to start moving towards this goal. This paper summarizes the Commission’s report.

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