Xinli Zheng

Xinli ZhengXinli Zheng is a well-known Economist and Senior Official in China who has been heavily engaged in the study and policy-making of macroeconomic policies at the national level for a long time. He held a number of important positions in China, including Deputy Chief Economist in the State Information Center, Director and Spokesman in the Policy Research Office of the State Planning Commission, Deputy Director of Policy Research Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Currently, he is the Permanent Vice Chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) and is among the top 10 “2013’s Economist in China”, recently elected by the weekly Chinese newspaper, the Economist.

Papers Published in World Economics:

To Establish a Balanced Multi-currency International Reserve System
Author: Xinli Zheng

The dollar’s important role in the global economy is inevitably contradictory with its role as a sovereign currency. How to solve this contradiction? The combination of a multi-currency international monetary system, mainly made up of dollar, euro and Renminbi (RMB), as well as a super-sovereign currency, for instance special drawing rights (SDR), may be the answer to the Triffin problem and a right path towards the establishment of a stable international reserve currency system. This paper puts forward some ideas, aiming to arouse constructive debates on this issue.

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