Sylvester J. Schieber

Sylvester J. Schieber, Ph.D., is Vice President of Research and Information for Watson Wyatt Worldwide. Dr Schieber has written numerous articles and has authored or edited eight books on demographics and retirement matters. His most recent book, published in 1999 by Yale University Press, is The Real Deal: The History and Future of Social Security

Papers Published in World Economics:

Demographic Risk in Industrial Societies

There is a growing awareness of the aging of populations around the world and the implications for national retirement programs. In most cases, estimates of population aging are based on fixed assumptions about fertility, improvements in life expectancy, and immigration. In most countries, however, these factors have varied considerably in recent decades. In this analysis, the authors use population projections in the G-7 countries that capture historical patterns of fertility, longevity, and immigration and variability in those patterns over time. They find that many developed countries may be underestimating the extent of population aging they are facing and the policy changes necessary to deal with it.

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