Suadat Hussain Wani


Suadat Hussain WaniSuadat Hussain Wani, research scholar in economics from university of Kashmir. My research interests include international trade, international finance and international economics. Presently pursuing a Ph.D from centre of central Asian studies, university of Kashmir.

Papers Published in World Economics:

Estimating the Effects of some Uncommon Free Trade Agreements on India’s Exports, Imports and Trade Volume

This study endeavours to examine the impact of Free Trade Agreements on the trade volume of India with Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and ASEAN countries. These countries were selected given their level of development and importance in total trade of India. The study evaluates three FTA's which involve developing-developed, developing-developing and developing-least developed countries. The time-series data has been used, and variables are in log-linear form. To achieve the objectives of the study, Threshold Autoregressive model (TAR) has been applied for pre-post agreement analysis. The study finds after the agreement's trade has enhanced between participating countries.

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