Sally Tam

Sally TamSally Tam is an Associate Analyst at NERA Economic Consulting in the San Francisco office. Prior to joining NERA, Sally worked as a consultant in the global banking and brokerage industry at FactSet Research Systems, Inc. Sally holds a BA in Economics and BS in Finance with honours from the University of San Francisco.

Papers Published in World Economics:

The Eurozone’s Next Domino

With Greece’s problems taking a back seat with the approval of the second €130 bailout and bond-swap deal, attention has turned to Portugal – the other most troubled economy in the Eurozone. Will Portugal’s debts also prove unmanageable, requiring debt restructuring where private creditors are forced to take a big haircut, or will the €78 billion bailout Lisbon has received from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, and domestic structural reforms, be enough to stave off a Greek-style default? This paper illustrates that Portugal’s woes are different from those of Greece, Ireland and Spain. Given the structural conditions and deep commitment to reform and political will demonstrated by the Portuguese leaders and citizens alike, Portugal has a good chance to avoid Greece’s fate.

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