Said M. Alkhatib


Said M. Alkhatib (Dr.) is a full professor of Economics in the Department of Business Economics at the University of Jordan. He served in more than ten National and Regional Universities. In addition, Dr. Alkhatib served in some important International Organizations such as the UNDP, Word Bank, and Netherland International Development Agency. He received his Ph.D. from Kansas State University, Manhattan, Ks, USA. On the other hand, Dr. AlKhatib published many professional academic articles in different local and international journals, also currently he is holding a title of chief editor of Jordan Journal of Economic Sciences (JJES)- The University of Jordan.

Papers Published in World Economics:

The Impact of Financial Corruption on the Economy and Means of Prevention

Our study aims to examine the impact of financial corruption on the economy in Jordan over the period 1990–2020. The study used different measures to measure financial corruption more efficiently, including the values and numbers of corruption cases. It also used the seemingly unrelated regression (SUR) technique to estimate the model. The results confirm no statistically significant impact of financial corruption on economic growth, FDI or budget deficit. At the same time, financial corruption has a negative impact on public debt. The study also recommends means to help to prevent and fight against all kinds of corruption worldwide.

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