Robert Eigenheer


Robert EigenheerRobert Eigenheer holds a Master’s degree in Banking & Finance from the University of St.Gallen (HSG) and a Bachelor’s degree in Banking & Finance from the University of Zurich. Additionally, experienced various stages at Stanford, New York, Singapore and St. Petersburg. Robert’s research focus on Finance is proven by his Master thesis about regional differences in structures and strategies of family offices as well as his Bachelor thesis on the analysis of gender-specific investment behaviour. Robert was responsible as Head Corporate Treasury Front Office in a large Swiss corporate for funding as well as financial risk management and is now leading the Treasury & Asset Management department at a supranational organization.

Papers Published in World Economics:

New Data on Global Differences in Family Offices

A family office is not a specifically-defined institution per se. Rather, the family office is a broad concept to cover all financial needs of one or more wealthy families. While in the United States the first family offices were established in the nineteenth century, interest in the family office concept has recently been growing in emerging markets around the globe due to the increasing number of ultra-wealthy individuals and families in those regions. Nowadays, family offices are set up all over the world. This fact inevitably leads to the question: Are there regional differences among the structures of family offices, their services, their investment strategies, and their operational costs?

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