Pradyun Rame Mehrotra

Pradyun Rame MehrotraPradyun Rame Mehrotra is a senior participant of the Integrated Programme in Management at Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He was a research intern at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, where he worked on public policy issues such as education and sanitation policies. He is presently associated with Decathlon Group.

Papers Published in World Economics:

The Financial Crisis and Gender: Assessing Changes in Workforce Participation for Rural India

Labour market data in India shows female participation declining as GDP has increased, a phenomenon found in other East Asian economies over past two decades. This contradicts empirical observations, which argue over the feminization of the work force due to participation in global export markets, primarily driven by wage efficiency of female labour. The impact of the global financial crisis on female participation rates in rural India in 2009-10 is studied with a cross-state analysis to test theories about female unemployment in a downturn. One of the major findings is that as the formal wage difference between men and women decreases, the female participation gap increases, but more data is needed to identify critical causal factors.

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