Patrice Muller

Patrice Muller is Partner at London Economics. He has directed a number of major public policy studies, including the study undertaken for the European Commission regarding the Quantification of the Macroeconomic Impact of Integration of EU Financial Markets and the study for the European Monitoring Centre of Change on the future of financial markets and the funding of enterprises in the European Union.

Papers Published in World Economics:

European Financial Market Integration

European Monetary Union and a vigorous legislative agenda have profoundly changed the environment in which the European financial services industry operates. These developments should have contributed to a deepening of financial market integration in the European Union, especially within the Eurozone. However, actual progress has been very uneven. Eurozone money markets and bonds markets have achieved full or a very high level of integration. Eurozone equity markets show increasing signs of integration, although substantial barriers to cross-border trading remain. Bank credit markets, with the exception of inter-bank lending, and insurance and funds industries, remain still largely fragmented along national lines.

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