Oni Oviri

Oni OviriOni Oviri is the founder and Director of Sasare Associates, a platform to continue the transfer of knowledge and to help develop and build business supply chains in sub-Saharan Africa for small and large companies alike. Oni has extensive knowledge and expertise in Public, Private and Third Sector Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics Management and holds the full MCIPS status from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. An avid entrepreneur, Oni has previously run her own successful import/export company, specialising in building commodities from Europe to West Africa. Previously, Oni was a Business Development Specialist for one of the world’s top five leading medical health diagnostics groups, travelling extensively throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, reviewing the company’s supply chain as well as developing strategic relationships with government officials and NGO’s along with the African Development Bank, Crown Agents and the Global Fund Initiative. Oni additionally lectures accredited Procurement and Supply modules to Professionals and works with organisations such as CIPS, Informa and Crown Agents as a Consultant/ Trainer for their Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa clients.

Papers Published in World Economics:

Evaluating the Impact of Trade on Development

The main conclusions of the theory of comparative advantage is powerful and inescapable – restrictions on trade harm economic welfare. The principle of comparative advantage shows that trade enables one-off welfare gains, but the impact of international trade on prosperity and on economic growth and development are empirical questions. The balance of evidence suggests that opening economies to trade is associated with higher growth, improved welfare, lower corruption and better working conditions. Restrictions on trade damage the development prospects of poorer countries which require assistance with infrastructure to enable them to realise the benefits from integration into the world economy.

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