Noha S. Omar


Noha S. Omar Noha S. Omar is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University. She took her MSc degree in Economics from Queen Mary, University of London in 2010; and her PhD from Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University in 2016. Her PhD thesis is titled “Detecting National and Sub-national Economic Performance Using Weather Satellite Picture Composites: The Case of Egypt”. She is interested in inclusive growth, multidimensional poverty, inequality, and social protection in Egypt. Recently, she worked with ESCWA on computing multidimensional poverty in Iraq and Egypt. she has research in different areas, for instance, (2019) "Innovation and economic performance in MENA region", Review of Economics and Political Science, Vol. 4 Issue: 2, pp.158-175, and (2018) “Measuring Inclusive Growth in Egypt Over A Decade”. Institute of National Planning, Egyptian Review of Development and Planning Scientific Arbitrated Review, Volume 26, No. 1.

Papers Published in World Economics:

Multidimensional Deprivation in Egypt

This paper aims at constructing an MPI for Egypt tailored to its deprivation aspects, and at monitoring simultaneous deprivations that adversely affect Egyptian people and poor. It adds the employment and social insurance dimension, which is generally the sole means of production owned by poor and deprived people. Results show that multidimensional headcount ratio is 33.3 percent in 2018, which is higher in rural than urban areas, for female-headed households than male-headed households, and for households with less educated heads. Egyptians are mostly deprived in the education dimension.

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