Min-kyung, KIM

Min-kyung, KIMMin-kyung, KIM studied at the graduate school of international studies (GSIS) of Ewha Womans University, and majored in Internaltion Relations. She earned her master’s degree in International Relations in 2015. The author has 2 years of working experience at city management organization, and had worked as an intern at Green Technology Center, a research center under government of the Republic of Korea.

Papers Published in World Economics:

The Comparative Analysis on the Population Control Policies in China and India

Population is a source of a nations’ strength and national security, but some overpopulated countries in Asia are trying to lower their population growth, even implementing population control policies. This paper conducts a comparative study of China and India to explore the effectiveness of their population control policies, and its findings suggest that education can be one of the strongest methods to curb the population explosion, reducing its side effects by giving Kerala case. This study suggests that further attention must be given to more cases in China and India related to the correlation between the level of education and population growth. Also, the case of Kerala will be needed to be researched more in-depth and yield more concrete recommendations to facilitate an added value to this field.

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