Mike Brown

Mike BrownMike Brown is Head of the Centre of Corporate Reputation and Strategy at Birmingham City Business School and founder of the ‘Britain’s Most Admired Companies’ research published annually in Management Today. He has a PhD from York University, is the author of many academic articles and has contributed to a wide range of management journals including the British Journal of Management, Long Range Planning, Service Industries Journal, Strategic Change and Business Performance. He has worked in Europe, Africa, the former Soviet Union and the Far East and has given guest lectures at a number of universities in the United States, London Business School, Manchester Business School and the Association of Business Schools. He has presented papers at multiple international conferences including AOM, BAM, IFSAM, EAERCD, EITASS and is a reviewer for BJM and BAM.

Papers Published in World Economics:

Applying Reputation Data to Enhance Investment Performance

The fact that corporate reputations deliver tangible shareholder value has been recognised by managers for some time. More recently, techniques have emerged that allow them to measure just how much value reputation delivers and identify the driving factors in order to structure communications and corporate messaging accordingly. While these techniques are having a marked affect on how companies are managing their reputation assets their use also has implications for investors. This paper uses reputation data to analyse the share price performance of companies identified as over- or under-valued. Evidence is found that where reputations are such that they suggest the companies are under-valued, that over time their market capitalizations grow at a greater rate than those whose reputations suggest over-valuation. This implies company reputation can be a powerful leading edge indicator to estimate investor returns and thus contribute to fund management.

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