Michael Clemens

Email: mclemens@cgdev.org

Michael ClemensMichael Clemens is a senior fellow and research manager at the Center for Global Development, where his research focuses on international migration and impact evaluation. His PhD in Economics is from Harvard University, where he specialised in economic development and public finance. Clemens is an affiliate of the New York University Financial Access Initiative and has lived and worked in Colombia, Brazil and Turkey. In 2012, he and co-authors shared the Royal Economic Society Prize.

Papers Published in World Economics:

The New Transparency in Development Economics

The Millennium Villages Project is a high profile, multi-country development project that has aimed to serve as a model for ending rural poverty in sub- Saharan Africa. The project became the subject of controversy when the methodological basis of early claims of success was questioned. The lively ensuing debate offers lessons on three recent mini-revolutions that have swept the field of development economics: the rising standards of evidence for measuring impact, the ‘open data’ movement, and the growing role of the blogosphere in research debates.

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