Mauricio Rojas

Mauricio Rojas is Associate Professor of Economic History, Lund University and Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform, Stockholm. Professor Rojas is the author of several books widely used in Swedish colleges and universities. Two of them are available in English: The Rise and Fall of the Swedish Model and Millennium Doom (SMF, London 1998 & 1999).

Papers Published in World Economics:

Prophesies of Doom at the Turn of the Millennium

Predictions about the "end of work" are widespread. A growing body of literature argues that growth is destroying more jobs than it created. New technology and globalisation are syndicated as the causes of this development that in the long run will condemn the majority of mankind to exclusion and poverty. This article critically scrutinises the end-of-work creed. With the help of easily available statistics the main fallacies about the end of work are dismissed. The conclusion is that the new global economy, quite contrary to what the prophets of doom say, is offering unprecedented possibilities of progress to more and more people throughout the world.

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