Masud Ally


Masud AllyDr Masud Ally read Economics as an undergraduate at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He holds Masters degrees in Management (St Andrews) and Economics (University College, London). After working in investment consulting and research, he completed his doctorate in Economic History at Oxford (with full ESRC studentship). Subsequent to teaching at several Oxford colleges and the Oxford Department for International Development, and lecturing in London, he re-joined the financial services in commodities trading. Presently, he works in climate-related financial risk consulting. He serves as Lecturer and Director in Economics at Regent’s Park College, and Lecturer in Economics at St Anne's College, Oxford.

Papers Published in World Economics:

How to Reduce Carbon Emissions Equitably

So far international negotiations designed to reduce carbon emissions have come up against the clash of views as to the equitable way of sharing out the ‘burden’ among countries. In this article we show that the main criteria that have been discussed, including ‘historical responsibility’, ability to pay, demographic and ‘needs’, are all subject to statistical difficulties as well as ethical objections, particularly the historical responsibility criterion. Any equitable compromise between the different possible criteria needs to take account of these obstacles to their being made operational.

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