Lamia Donia

Lamia Donia Lamia Donia is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Economics, Cairo University. She holds M.A. degree in Economics (with highest honors) from the American University in Cairo. Her primary fields of interest are finance, economic development, international economics and energy economics. Previously, she worked as a short term consultant at the World Bank. She has also worked as an economic researcher at the Ministry of Investment in Egypt.

Papers Published in World Economics:

Measuring the Impact of Agricultural Finance on Rural Inequality: Evidence from Egypt

Evidence suggests that financial development and improved access to credit not only accelerates economic growth, but also reduces household poverty and income inequality. Using Egyptian household survey data evidence it is found that a 1% increase in agricultural wages causes poverty to decline by 6.6%. Agricultural wage increases lead to the largest decrease in overall income inequality where a 1% increase in income from agriculture wages will cause overall inequality to fall by 0.049 percentage points: equivalent to a fall in the Gini coefficient by 18.8%. A regression analysis shows that receiving formal loans increases non-agricultural net revenues by 2.94 times whereas credit increases a household’s agriculture revenues by 2.08 times.

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