Lakshmi Kumar


Lakshmi KumarLakshmi Kumar is associate professor and programme director at IFMR with over 15 years of experience in research and teaching. Her primary areas of interest are understanding development issues, rural livelihoods and analysis of government-provided basic services other than banking and macroeconomic issues. In connection to this, she has been part of various field-based studies in India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, including projects sponsored by Harvard University, NSE and University of California, Irvine.

Papers Published in World Economics:

Measuring Multidimensional Vulnerability in India

This paper examines the relationship between multidimensional poverty and multidimensional vulnerability. Unlike poverty, which describes the status of a household at a point of time, vulnerability captures the likelihood of a household falling into poverty, given the current status of the household. The paper has used data from the India Human Development Survey, 2005, employing a multidimensional measure both at the all-India level and the state level. The results indicate the superiority of the multidimensional measure over the one-dimensional income measure because policy can be pointed towards addressing the dimension of poverty that is lacking and that is the cause of some states’ vulnerability to poverty.

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