Kazuhiko Yokota

Kazuhiko Yokota received his PhD in Economics from University of Colorado, Boulder. Dr Yokota’s research areas are international economics and economic development. Currently, he serves as an economist at the International Center for the Study of East Asian Development.

Papers Published in World Economics:

Export-led Growth via Export Platform Strategies

Free trade agreements (FTAs) have the potential to impact FDI structures. Specifically, we explore when and how export platform strategies can result in export-led growth. A reduction in trade costs, including tariffs and non-tariff barriers, are likely to lead to export platform FDI. Cost advantages in a host country, as well as quality labour and scale economies, are also effective in attracting export platform FDI. We conclude that medium–high technology industries in low-income countries are likely to benefit from export platform FDI. A few indices are suggested to evaluate the conditions under which countries and industries can benefit from export platform FDI.

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