Karuturi Preethi Niharika

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Karuturi Preethi NiharikaKaruturi Preethi Niharika is pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Economics, Political Science and Sociology from Christ University, Bangalore. Her areas of interest include developmental economics and policy analysis.

Papers Published in World Economics:

Impact of Lockdown on Informal Workers

The recent pandemic, COVID-19, is not merely a health crisis. It has had a devasting impact on the economy and society as a whole. Lockdowns imposed as a result have temporarily ceased economic activities. It has severely disrupted supply and demand chains in the economy, resulting in unemployment and per capita income loss. Informal workers are the people most vulnerable to these economic disruptions, due to the nature of their work. This article aims at understanding the impact of lockdown on informal workers, in terms of their income, working hours, demand for their goods and services and consumption patterns. Finally, it gives necessary policy recommendations.

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