Jonathan Haskel

onathan Haskel is a Professor of Economics at Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, where he works on productivity, skills and international competition. After completing his PhD at the London School of Economics, he has taught at Bristol University, London Business School and New York University.

Papers Published in World Economics:

From Big Macs to iMacs

The authors review recent international price comparisons to examine the veracity of claims about “rip-off Britain”. They reach three conclusions. First, methodologically, the data requirements for a meaningful price comparison are very demanding and most of the evidence does not meet these standards. Second, price differences within countries seem, in many cases, to be just as high if not higher than price differences between countries. Third, for most goods, the difference between the UK and the rest of the EU seems to be minor relative to the difference between the EU and the United States. The real puzzle is the comparatively high prices in the EU.

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