Jang C. Jin

Jang C. JinJang C. Jin is a professor of economics at George Mason University Korea. His research fields are Macroeconomic Aspects of International Trade and Economic Development and Economics of Education. He has published numerous articles in international refereed journals on economic openness, tourism, higher education, and energy economics, with one of his energy papers regarding the causal effect of energy consumption on economic growth being highly cited. More recently, he is working on another challenging issue: the effect of faculty publications on economic growth. Prior to joining GMU Korea in spring 2014, Jin was a tenured professor at Business School, Chinese University of Hong Kong and awarded the Business School’s teaching award several times. Jin's undergraduate education was at Korea University, Seoul, Korea, and PhD at LSU, Baton Rouge, USA.

Papers Published in World Economics:

The Cause of Disinflation
Author: Jang C. Jin

An empirical model estimates the effects of central bank independence and increasing globalisation on recent disinflation. The model that includes the globalisation measure is found to fit the data better than the one with central bank independence alone. Using pooled sample periods gives further information on recent disinflation that was largely caused by globalisation, and partly by central bank independence. The results suggest that many industrialised countries, including the United States, benefited from globalisation lowering inflation rates during the late twentieth century.

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