Gary Ng


Gary NgGary Ng joined Natixis as the Economist for Asia Pacific in July 2015. He uses an ideal mixture of top-down and bottom-up approaches to identify and forecast macro-economic trends with granular analysis in various asset classes. He also brings his rich experience in sectoral research with specific focuses on banking and real estate. Prior to Natixis, he was an analyst covering economic and sectoral trends at Bloomberg. He has been featured in international media, including Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters etc. He holds a Bachelor of Economics and Engineering with a major in international trade and finance from the University of Queensland.

Papers Published in World Economics:

China’s State-Owned Enterprises and Competitive Neutrality

The growing size of Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and closer global linkages mean whether China can achieve competitive neutrality in creating a level-playing field is key for the world. Our results support the view that China’s competitive environment is poor with conditions tending to favour SOEs with lower interest burden and tax rates in most sectors. The lack of competitive neutrality in China has significant consequences for global firms at home, especially as Chinese firms operating in the ICT, industrial and auto sectors earn a relatively high proportion of their revenue overseas but operate in a subsidised environment in their domestic market. A working measure of competitive neutrality applied in China could help level the playing field for foreign companies in China and even be introduced in a potential reform of the World Trade Organization.

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