Deirdre McCloskey

Deirdre McCloskey is UIC Professor of Economics, History, English, and Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago and regular visiting professor of Philosophy, Economics, and Art and Cultural Studies at Erasmus University of Rotterdam. The author of a dozen books on economics, rhetoric, ethics, and British history, she is writing a four-volume work on the history and ethics of the bourgeoisie. She has taught at the Universities of Chicago and Iowa, and in England and Australia. Her most recent book is a pamphlet, The Secret Sins of Economics (2003). Her Crossing: A Memoir was a New York Times Notable Book in 1999.

Papers Published in World Economics:

The Bourgeois Virtues

‘Bourgeois virtue’ is not a contradiction in terms. The age of capitalism has enormously enriched the world. But the enrichment is by no means only material. The virtues enabled capitalist development; but a bourgeois life also encouraged new versions of old virtues; and gave scope for varied lives.

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