Barbro Hexeberg

Barbro HexebergBarbro Hexeberg is a Lead Economist in the Development Economics Data Group at the World Bank in Washington DC. She has more than 20 years experience in national accounts, economic statistics and statistical capacity building more broadly. She is currently leading a team focusing on improving the quality and availbity of national accounts and economic statistics, by providing training and technical assistance to client countries as well as by bringing together comparable economic data for more than 200 economies through the World Development Indicators Database. Barbro represents the World Bank in the international standard setting body responsible for developing internationally agreed guidelines for compilation of National Accounts statistics. Before joining the World Bank, she worked for Statistics Norway. She is a Cand.Oecon. from University of Oslo, Norway.

Papers Published in World Economics:

Measuring GDP in Fragile States

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is central to measuring economic performance and productivity, and monitoring fiscal and monetary policies, as well as changes in poverty and shared prosperity. Compiling GDP in accordance with internationally agreed definitions and rules is a complex and data-intensive task, but it is especially challenging in fragile countries. Data are often lacking, of poor quality, or out of date. Much economic activity takes place outside the formal economy, and measuring real growth is more difficult for countries facing armed conflict or natural disasters. But fragile states need accurate measures of GDP, because their economic losses are commonly evaluated in terms of GDP prior to the design and implementation of any mitigation policies.

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