Andrew Marks

Andrew MarksAndrew Marks holds Honours and Master's degrees in economics from the University of new South Wales and a Phd in the area of trade/industry policy in Australia from Western Sydney University. Employment began with the Economic Planning Advisory Council (EPAC) and The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in the Australian public service. Thereafter he taught economics at the University of New South Wales and Western Sydney University where he is currently employed. Research interests are in the areas of trade/industry policy and macroeconomics.

Papers Published in World Economics:

Measuring the Success of Industrial Policy in Australia
Author: Andrew Marks

Industry policy in the context of trade liberalization has played a critical reinforcing role in re-orienting production in the Australian manufacturing sector from the domestic to international market. In the textile, clothing, footwear and motor vehicle industries this has promoted sustainable output and employment growth. This policy has also been instrumental in improving the structure of manufacturing exports from simple to elaborately transformed manufacturing products. The niche capital and knowledge intensive nature of elaborately transformed manufacturing products is of particular importance because they exhibit a comparative advantage in international markets. This has helped to offset the competitive advantage provided by industry policy in stimulating manufacturing exports in the countries of the South East Asian region which constitute Australia’s major export markets. Pressure is also being applied on other countries to implement industrial policy in order to remain competitive on the international market and in particular in this rapidly growing region of the world.

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