Andreas Hatzigeorgiou


Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, PhD, has been serving as expert of international economics and advisor to Sweden's Minister for Trade and Nordic Cooperation since 2009. He has also worked for the World Bank and the Swedish National Board of Trade. He earned his PhD in economics at Lund University, Sweden, and obtained his Master of Public Policy as Fulbright Scholar at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His research areas include international trade, firm internationalization, economic policy, growth and globalization.

Papers Published in World Economics:

The Greek Economic Crisis - is the Euro to Blame?

The euro has been at the centre of reporting and discussion on Greece’s economic crisis. This article analyses the build-up, outbreak and development of the crisis in Greece, with the aim to answer whether the crisis can be traced to the country’s entrance into the Eurozone. By identifying a few of the underlying causes of the crisis, the article concludes that Greece’s crisis cannot be blamed on membership of the EMU. Nor is the financial meltdown and global recession of 2007–2008 to blame. Even without the euro, it is likely that Greece would have found itself in an economic crisis.

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