Alexey Kuprianov


Alexey KuprianovAlexey Kuprianov, is a vice president at Aspring Capital, a Moscow-based investment bank. Previously worked as a senior investment manager in Vnesheconombank group and as an associate at UFG Capital Partners (private equity fund). Alexey has over 15 years experience in finance, urban economics and macroeconomic research. He started his career as macroeconomic analyst at Russian Economic Society. Alexey has published his economic papers in «Applied Economics» and «Society and Economy» journals. He graduated from Moscow University of Management and from Institute of Economic Policy, also completed a masterclass in private equity at London Business School and advanced asset management program at INSEAD.

Papers Published in World Economics:

GDP Upgrade: How Can One Measure the Quality of Economic Growth?

Sustainable per capita economic growth is possible if the quality of goods and services produced by the economy increases. US GDP growth may be underestimated by 0.4–0.6% per year because of unmeasured (undetected) improvement in the quality of goods and services. Calculation and publication of new statistical indicators such as IQI for separate product groups and the impact of quality on GDP for the whole economy will improve our understanding of the contribution of quality to economic growth.

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