Akshika Jain

Akshika JainAkshika Jain is a student at Christ university who is very much passionate towards research in International finance. She keenly involved in publishing papers related to exchange rate moovements . An independent and self-motivated student pursuing a career in finance. Has good leadership abilities, like to be organised and is ready to face new challenges and seek new opportunities. Worked in the department of marketing, CS and Accounts. Major work included database creation, making cold calls, fixing appointments with the customers and field visits in marketing, updating the company's records of board meetings and uploading different forms in CS and Reviewing and preparing Financial Statements in Accounts.

Papers Published in World Economics:

Indian Rupee on the Back-Foot Against the British Pound

In foreign exchange (forex) markets the Indian rupee has fallen against the British pound over a long period, for various reasons. India is the fastest-growing large economy in the world, with a rising middle class that makes it increasingly attractive to British exporters. So, the UK–India trade relationship influences currency movements. This study focuses on the impact of the UK–India trade relationship, other macroeconomic variables such as foreign direct investment (outflow and inflow), real interest rates, gross domestic product, foreign exchange reserves and how the external debts of India affect the rupee. Investors, arbitrageurs, traders, exporters and importers in the forex market like to know the impact of the most significant macroeconomic variables on currency.

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