The Indices of Transparency of Economic Information and the Latin American e-Government

• Author(s): César Daniel Vargas Diaz, Manuel Antonio López Hernandez & El Housin Helal Ouriachen • Published: March 2012
• Pages in paper: 24


The aim of this paper is to create a ranking of the Ministries of Economy and Finance on transparency and disclosure of economic and financial information that Latin American countries have at an online level. Our methodological proposal is a questionnaire and indices on the transparency of informative disclosure in a financial and economic context. The questionnaire provides information on the websites of each ministry between September 2008 and September 2009. The application of the indices gives the following results: the Ministries of Mexico, Argentina and Brazil were the most valued or transparent, and the Ministries of Cuba, Panama and Dominican Republic were the least transparent in the disclosure of information.

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