Nigerian Statistical Data and their Trustworthiness

Its Implication for Economic Planning and National Development

• Author(s): Keziah, Y. Ayuba & Panshak Yohanna • Published: March 2022
• Pages in paper: 11


As at 2020, the population of Nigeria was said to be about 200 million (World Bank, 2020). However, the actual population of Nigeria remains a subject for national debates, since there are no databases for birth or death rates. To ascertain the trustworthiness of the statistical data in Nigeria, this study used various secondary data. Critical discourse analysis was used to analyse the information obtained. We find that most of the information supplied for usage are distorted; the Bureau of Statistics lacks skilled personnel; data for the same year may vary depending on which organisation supplied it; and obsolete techniques are used for generating economic data. The study suggests that providers acknowledging data limitations will help users during usage and application.

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