Commonwealth and EU Growth

• Author(s): Ed Jones • Published: June 2018
• Pages in paper: 5


The Commonwealth of Nations is growing rapidly in comparison to the ailing Eurozone Measured by share of world GDP, the Commonwealth overtook the (1973) European Union in 2004 By the same measure, the Commonwealth is slightly larger than the current Eurozone In 2017, the Commonwealth accounted for 4.1% more than the Eurozone in terms of world GDP share.

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The World Economy has grown for 57 out of the past 58 years, only the great recession of 2009 saw an interruption in over half a century of continuous growth. Over the whole of the last 5 decades, annual real GDP growth has averaged 3.2%, and 1.6% in per capita terms. Global Real GDP split by continent illustrates that the share of the world’s GDP in the Asian region grew considerably faster than all other continents, from 16.8% in 1960 to 47.0% in 2017. The wealth of Europe and the Americas remains considerably higher compared with Asian and African continents.

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