Sazzad Parwez


Sazzad ParwezSazzad Parwez is Assistant Professor at School of Development Studies, Indian Institute of Health Management Research University, Jaipur, India. By training he is an Economist with Ph.D from Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, India. He has published extensively with more than 13 research papers in peer-reviewed journals in the field of Political economy, Economic thought, Labour welfare and Micro-entrepreneurship.

Papers Published in World Economics:

On Microfinance-led Socioeconomic Change: Inferences from Field Data
Author: Sazzad Parwez

Government and non-government agencies in India are working towards empowering people at the grassroots through the provision of microfinance. Self-help groups have emerged as instruments of change for poor people (women in particular) trying to solve their problems collectively with financial assistance or through commercial activities. Detailed data are examined on the impact of microfinance-led inclusive socioeconomic change based on the social systems in the state of Gujarat. Microfinance plays an important role in sustainable economic development in India.

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