Jeffrey G. Williamson

Jeffrey G. Williamson is the Laird Bell Professor of Economics, Faculty Associate at the Center for International Development, Harvard University and Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He has twice received the Galbraith Prize for the best teacher in Harvard’s graduate economics program. During 1994–1995 he was President of the Economic History Association. Professor Williamson teaches and does research on economic history and the contemporary Third World. Some topics he has explored recently include: the growth and distributional implications of the demographic transition in Asia 1950–2025 and the Atlantic economy 1820–1940; the impact of international migration, capital flows and trade on factor price convergence in the greater Atlantic economy since 1830; the sources of globalization backlash before World War I; the causes of the cessation of convergence during the de-globalization years between 1914 and 1950; a detailed analysis of both the sources and consequences of the mass migrations prior to the 1920s and after the 1950s; the economic implications of 1492. New research topics include a project establishing a data base and then the exploration of the evolution of world factor prices and living standards since 1820.

Papers Published in World Economics:

Back to the Future
Author: An interview with introduction by Brian Snowdon

Jeffrey Williamson is a leading authority on the economic history of the international economy. His interests cover a wide area within the field of economic history and include research on international economic development, the industrial revolution, industrialisation and de-industrialisation, tariff policy, factor price convergence, demography and economic development, and international labour migration. Since the early 1960s he has been a major contributor to the ‘cliometric’ approach to economic history and his research illustrates how history is particularly relevant to the modern debate on ‘globalisation’. In this interview Brian Snowdon discusses with Professor Williamson his more recent research relating to the global economy in historical perspective.

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