Avantika Chilkoti

Email: Avantika.Chilkoti@worldeconomics.com

Avantika Chilkoti is an economist intern at World Economics. She has recently graduated from the University of Cambridge, where she studied Land Economy and edited the student newspaper, Varsity.

Papers Published in World Economics:

America’s Dangerously Opaque Public Accounting Systems

The current global economic crisis has highlighted the problems that result from governments’ archaic and erroneous accounting practices. The Financial Report of the United States Government is scrutinised with the same pedantry that an auditor or long-term investor uses when studying the financial statements of a listed company. What emerges is an all too clear picture of the extent and the root of America’s economic crisis. USA Inc. is found to have a net worth of minus $44 trillion, a symptom of unfunded liabilities that have grown as entitlement expenditure has rocketed. As well as changes in policy, it is the external auditing of government accounts that is suggested as a potential panacea for this global epidemic.

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