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Africa’s Water Africa’s Water: Big issues with big consequences for a big continent
World Economics, June 2011
Water underpins the whole of Africa’s economy, be it municipal, agricultural, industrial or mining, and is, unfortunately, often a critical factor in limiting economic growth or peace and stability. Aside from the issues of poor health, inadequate water and sanitation i ... More

Boosting Infrastructure Investments in Africa Boosting Infrastructure Investments in Africa
Donald Kaberuka, World Economics, June 2011
The absolute and relative lack of infrastructure in Africa suggests that the continent’s competitiveness could be boosted by scaling up investments in infrastructure. Such investments would facilitate domestic and international trade, enhance Africa’s integration into t ... More

Hydropower in Bhutan and Nepal Hydropower in Bhutan and Nepal: Why the difference?
Jeremy Berkoff, World Economics, September 2003
Bhutan and Nepal have followed differing hydropower development strategies. Bhutan has co-operated with India and power export earnings have helped fund a broadly successful economic, environmental and social programme. In contrast, Nepal turned to the World Bank and ... More

Global Challenges of Providing Water and Wastewater Services Global Challenges of Providing Water and Wastewater Services
Paul Seidenstat, World Economics, March 2003
A key problem of water is the provision of a safe water supply for domestic use. Given the characteristics of water as a commodity, the general misuse of the pricing mechanism, and the economics of developing and operating water and wastewater systems, governments ar ... More

Is the Internet Better than Electricity? Is the Internet Better than Electricity?
Martin Brookes & Zaki Wahhaj, World Economics, June 2001
This article looks at the economic impact of electrification in the United States to gain insights about the possible consequences of today’s information technologies. A close study reveals that electrification significantly raised productivity growth by spurring a r ... More