The Failures of Economics and the Emerging New Economics

Michael Chibba

Published: March 2010

The current economic and financial crisis has exposed several weaknesses in economics that emanate from oversimplification of reality, the role of ideology, and the failure to consider culture and governance matters. In addition, tackling poverty and inequality in economics is highly problematic and it has arguably also been a failure. Other areas, including fundamental assumptions regarding rational decision-making and the lack of a robust linkage between the micro and the macro, leave much to be desired as well. And these ‘fault lines’ have had an impact on the depth and quality of economics. This paper draws from field research and other primary sources, and engages in a critical review and analysis of the background and certain aspects of the status quo of economics, with special reference to macroeconomics, development economics, and other areas. Fresh ideas and alternative paradigms suggest an emerging new economics to address the fault lines and to grow the discipline.

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