An Analysis of India’s Trade Intensity with Latin American and Caribbean Countries

Riti Srivastava

Published: June 2022

This article aims to establish a better trade relationship between India and Latin American and Caribbean countries, so they come closer, share common interests and find out means of enhancing bilateral trade as a result of bilateral negotiations. It presents Trade Intensity Indexes (TII) as a measure of trade between India and Latin American countries, with special reference to Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Trinidad and Tobago (TTO), for the years 2001 to 2019. The analysis in this article reveals India’s trade with these four countries has been less than it should have, given their respective trade potential, for a variety of reasons, notably quality, technological differences and also cost and policy deficiencies. Product diversification, infrastructural improvements and strong diplomatic and marketing efforts in which government and private sector participate would be of immense help in addressing this.

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