Nicholas Imparato

Nicholas Imparato is a Professor in the Department of Marketing, Globalization and Strategy at the University of San Francisco and a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, where he focuses on the intersection of public policy and business strategy. During a series of university special leaves of absence he served as a senior executive and board member of publicly listed and closely held firms here and abroad, as well as a board member of Business for Diplomatic Action (New York). He has authored, co-authored and edited over 100 books, articles and research reports and has been a speaker and advisor in over 30 countries with Visa, IBM and other organisations regarding globalization, public policy and leadership. He has been honoured with awards for teaching, research and public service, including special recognition by the Bishop Gassis Sudan Relief Fund (formerly the Sudan Relief and Rescue Foundation) for “raising the awareness of the plight of the peoples of Sudan.” Earlier this year he served as a working group panellist on China-Africa relations at Stanford University’s China in the 21st Century conference.