Mitsuhiko Iyoda


Mitsuhiko IyodaMitsuhiko Iyoda, economics educator; b. Aichi, Japan, 1943; BA in Econs., Wakayama Nat. U., Japan, 1966; MA in Econs., Osaka City U., Japan, 1969; DPhil in Econs., Buckingham U., Eng., 1996. Assoc. prof. Momoyama Gakuin U., Osaka, Japan, 1972-82, prof., 1982-2014, prof. emeritus, 2014-. Vis. fellow Lancaster U., Eng., 1982-83; dir. Rsch. Inst. Momoyama Gakuin U., Osaka, 1985-89, dean faculty econs., 1990-92, dir. internat. ctr., 1998-2000, chairperson Grad., Sch. Econs., 2005-07; vis. rsch, prof. U. Buckingham, Eng., 1993-94, vis. prof., 2001-02, 2010; assoc. Cardiff Bus. Sch. U. Wales, 2001-02. Author: Profits, Wages, and Productivity in the Business Cycle: A Kaldorian Analysis, 1997, Macroeconomics (Japanese), 2003, 3rd edit., 2011, Postwar Japanese Economy: Lessons of Economic Growth & the Bubble Economy, 2010. Mem. Japanese Econ. Assn., Internat. Assn. for Rsch. in Income and Wealth, Japan Econ. Policy Assn., Royal Econ. Soc. (Eng.), Japan Assn. for Evolutionary Econs. His research area is Macroeconomics. In recent years, his interest is in a "Good Society" from the socio-economic viewpoint.