Mitsuhiko Iyoda


Mitsuhiko IyodaMitsuhiko Iyoda, economics educator; b. Aichi, Japan, 1943; BA in Econs., Wakayama Nat. U., Japan, 1966; MA in Econs., Osaka City U., Japan, 1969; DPhil in Econs., Buckingham U., Eng., 1996. Assoc. prof. Momoyama Gakuin U., Osaka, Japan, 1972-82, prof., 1982-2014, prof. emeritus, 2014-. Vis. fellow Lancaster U., Eng., 1982-83; dir. Rsch. Inst. Momoyama Gakuin U., Osaka, 1985-89, dean faculty econs., 1990-92, dir. internat. ctr., 1998-2000, chairperson Grad., Sch. Econs., 2005-07; vis. rsch, prof. U. Buckingham, Eng., 1993-94, vis. prof., 2001-02, 2010; assoc. Cardiff Bus. Sch. U. Wales, 2001-02. Author: Profits, Wages, and Productivity in the Business Cycle: A Kaldorian Analysis, 1997, Macroeconomics (Japanese), 2003, 3rd edit., 2011, Postwar Japanese Economy: Lessons of Economic Growth & the Bubble Economy, 2010. Mem. Japanese Econ. Assn., Internat. Assn. for Rsch. in Income and Wealth, Japan Econ. Policy Assn., Royal Econ. Soc. (Eng.), Japan Assn. for Evolutionary Econs.