Martin Fritz

Martin Fritz is a sociologist at the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Germany. In his current position he studies labour market and employment changes as well as trends in social-ecological attitudes within the project 'Mentalitis in Flux' funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. He completed his PhD at the University of Bonn in Germany. The topic was the comparative analysis of labour markets and job quality among part-time employees in European countries. He also worked at GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Cologne, Germany, where he was a researcher at the European Data Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (EUROLAB). His research aims to contribute to the debate about degrowth and postgrowth societies and deals with the intersections between the three fields of 1) work and employment, 2) welfare and 3) environmental sustainability. Working mainly as an empirical researcher he analyzes macro trends and structures from a cross-country perspective as well as attitudes, social class structures and other micro level characteristics using international social survey data. He is a co-founder of the International Research and Policy Network on Sustainable Welfare, published a book about the destandardization of employment in Europe (with Max Koch) and a book on the job quality of part-time employees. His articles appear in journals such as Ecological Economics, Global Environmental Change, Sustainability, the Journal of Social Policy and others, also in German journals.