Leandro Medina

Leandro MedinaLeandro Medina is a Senior Economist working in the IMF’s Strategy, Policy, and Review Department. Previously, Leandro worked in the IMF’s African Department on frontier economies matters, particularly with countries such as Mozambique and Ghana, and a key issue of the Regional Economic Outlook publication, which focused on the size and characteristics of the informal economy in African countries, and before that, Leandro focused on macro fiscal issues in South-east Asia at the Fiscal Affairs Department and he covered regional policy issues in the Middle East and Central Asia, where he also contributed to the Regional Economic Outlook. Before joining the IMF, he worked as an international consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank, participating in Portfolio Review and Policy Dialogue missions to Argentina and Uruguay. His research covers a variety of topics in macroeconomics and international finance. He holds a doctorate in Economics from The George Washington University.