Kevin J. Stiroh

Kevin J. Stiroh is a Research Officer in the Banking Studies Function at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He joined the Bank as an Economist in 1999 and was promoted to Senior Economist in October 2000 and to Research Officer in December 2001. Mr. Stiroh’s research includes work on productivity and the sources of economic growth, the economic impact of information technology, and the efficiency and behaviour of financial institutions. This research has been published in the American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Economic Inquiry, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Services Research, Review of Economics and Statistics, and other academic and business publications. Before joining the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Mr Stiroh was an Economist at the Conference Board and an assistant professor at Bentley College. He received a BA in economics and psychology from Swarthmore College in 1989 and a PhD in economics from Harvard University in 1995.