Jeehoon Park

Jeehoon ParkJeehoon Park is currently Senior Economist at IMS Consulting Services in McLean, VA, specializing in real estate finance, international finance, and risk management. Prior to joining IMS Consulting Services, Dr. Park worked for the National Assembly of Korea, Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the World Bank (IBRD). Dr. Park received his Master of Science in Finance and Ph.D. in Business from the George Washington University School of Business, and his B.A. in Social Welfare and Economics from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. Dr. Park’s research has been presented at major academic conferences, including annual meetings of the Financial Management Association, “Hybrid Interest Rate Choice in the Subprime Mortgage Market”, and American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, “Do Borrowers Choose the Wrong Subprime Mortgage Products?”.

Papers Published in World Economics:

     Korean Housing Finance, Household Debt, and Economic Growth