Janine Aron

Janine Aron has had a long association with the Centre for the Study of African Economies, Department of Economics, Oxford University, and held an ESRC Research Fellowship there during 1994–1998. For the last six years she has been principal researcher with John Muellbauer (Nuffield College, Oxford), in a research programme on Monetary Policy in Southern Africa, based at the CSAE, and funded by the Department for International Development, UK. Research papers and non-technical summaries for the South African Macroeconomic Research Programme can be found at http://www.csae.ox.ac.uk. Two years ago she founded the African Central Banking Network, which regularly meets in Oxford for research under this programme. She lectures in Oxford in the area of International Economics, and has held Lectureships in Economics at Merton and Jesus Colleges in Oxford. She has done extensive research consultancy on Africa, particularly for the World Bank and WIDER. She is a Research Associate of the Centre for the Study of Economics and Finance in Southern Africa, London School of Economics.

Papers Published in World Economics:

     Monetary Policy, Macro-stability and Growth