Heiko Hesse

Heiko Hesse, a Thai-German, is an Economist in the Monetary and Capital Markets Department at the IMF. Prior to that, he was an Economist at the World Bank from 2006-2007, working on the Commission on Growth and Development, which brings together twenty-one leading practitioners from government, business and the policymaking arenas and is chaired by Nobel Laureate Michael Spence. Before that in 2005-2006, he was a Visiting Scholar at Yale University and a consultant at the World Bank on the Nigerian and Ugandan banking sector. He also had brief stints at McKinsey, NERA Economic Consulting as well as PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Heiko obtained his PhD in Economics from Nuffield College, University of Oxford and his BSc in Financial Economics from the University of Essex. Some of his current work involves sovereign wealth funds, financial stability, Islamic finance as well as contagion in emerging market countries.

Papers Published in World Economics:

     Further Fallout from the Global Financial Crisis